Worst Time to Visit Rwanda

When planning a trip to Rwanda, it’s essential to consider the best time to visit to make the most of your experience in this beautiful African country. Rwanda offers a diverse range of attractions, from lush rainforests to stunning wildlife, but not all times of the year are equally suitable for a visit. In this article, we will discuss the worst time to visit Rwanda and why you should avoid it.

Rwanda’s Climate Overview

Before identifying the least favorable time to visit Rwanda, let’s have a quick overview of the country’s climate. Rwanda enjoys a temperate tropical highland climate due to its elevation, with two distinct rainy seasons and two dry seasons.

The Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Before we explore the least favorable time, it’s important to mention that Rwanda has some fantastic times to experience the country.

Beautiful Dry Seasons

The dry seasons, from June to September and December to February, are the best times to visit Rwanda. The weather is generally pleasant, and these periods offer excellent opportunities for gorilla trekking and other outdoor activities.

Vibrant Green Seasons

The rainy seasons, from March to May and October to November, are the greenest but can be less ideal for travel due to heavier rains, making some areas less accessible.

Worst Time to Visit Rwanda

Now, let’s focus on the least favorable time to visit Rwanda, which primarily includes the heavy rainy seasons.

Rainy Seasons: March to May and October to November

The rainy seasons in Rwanda bring heavy rainfall, making travel less convenient, especially if you plan to explore national parks and engage in outdoor activities. Mudslides and road closures can also occur, affecting your travel plans.

Weather Extremes in Rwanda

Rwanda’s climate is characterized by its highland terrain and lush landscapes, and these geographical features influence the country’s weather patterns.

Activities to Avoid during the Worst Time

During the heavy rainy seasons, it’s advisable to avoid activities that rely on good weather conditions, such as gorilla trekking, as the heavy rainfall can make the terrain muddy and challenging to navigate.

How to Prepare for a Trip During the Worst Time

If you do plan to visit Rwanda during the rainy seasons, it’s important to come prepared. Pack rain gear, waterproof clothing, and suitable footwear to ensure you can still explore the country comfortably.


In conclusion, Rwanda is a remarkable destination with a wealth of natural beauty and unique wildlife experiences. While Rwanda has much to offer throughout the year, the worst time to visit is during the heavy rainy seasons from March to May and October to November. However, with proper preparation and a flexible itinerary, you can still have a rewarding visit to this stunning country.

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