Worst Time to Visit san juan


San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a captivating destination with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning beaches. However, choosing the right time to visit this beautiful city is essential for a memorable experience. In this article, we will explore the best and worst times to visit San Juan to ensure that your trip is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Understanding San Juan’s Climate

Before delving into the specific seasons, it’s crucial to understand San Juan’s climate. The city enjoys a tropical monsoon climate with a distinct wet season and dry season. The temperature remains pleasant throughout the year, making it an enticing destination.

High Season vs. Low Season

To determine the worst time to visit San Juan, let’s first examine the high and low seasons. High season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April, is the most popular time to visit. During this period, the city witnesses beautiful weather, bustling streets, and numerous cultural events. However, it also comes with higher prices for accommodation and crowded attractions, making it less than ideal for budget travelers.

In contrast, the low season, from mid-April to mid-December, offers more affordable rates and fewer crowds. But the downside is that it coincides with the hurricane season.

Hurricane Season

San Juan’s hurricane season stretches from June to November. While the city has excellent infrastructure and preparedness measures, the risk of hurricanes or heavy storms may not be suitable for travelers who want a worry-free vacation. The worst time to visit San Juan, undoubtedly, is during the peak of the hurricane season when the weather can be unpredictable.

Crowds and Prices

The worst time to visit San Juan in terms of crowds and prices is undoubtedly the high season. The city’s popularity during this period leads to crowded streets, long lines at popular attractions, and increased hotel rates. If you prefer a more relaxed experience without breaking the bank, this might not be the ideal time for you.

Spring and Fall: Shoulder Seasons

Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are considered shoulder seasons in San Juan. These periods offer a balance between pleasant weather and affordability. The streets are less crowded, and hotel rates are more reasonable. If you’re looking for a compromise between cost and comfort, these seasons could be your best bet.

Winter: A Popular Choice

Winter, from mid-December to mid-February, is a popular choice for many visitors. The weather is delightful, and the city is in full swing with festivals and events. However, it’s still part of the high season, so be prepared for higher prices and larger crowds.

Summer: Balancing Act

Summer in San Juan (June to August) can be a balancing act. While it’s the low season in terms of crowds, it also brings the risk of hurricanes. If you’re willing to take the chance and monitor the weather closely, you might enjoy a more budget-friendly and quieter experience.


In conclusion, the worst time to visit San Juan largely depends on your preferences. If you want to avoid the crowds and save some money, steer clear of the high season. If you’re worried about unpredictable weather or hurricanes, avoid the hurricane season. San Juan offers something for every traveler, so choose the timing that aligns best with your priorities.

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